How long does the blending process take?

Due to the fact that our reserve is large and holds over 5.95 million dollars presently, you will certainly not have to wait for somebody else to send their coins and also have your coins mixed. The blending is often done quickly and also the coins are returned as quickly as your coins come in. Guarantee you send out a good quantity in network fee along with the transaction to avoid coins not being sent out any type of further due to miner benefits being reduced. Additionally, in order to make sure 3rd parties do not take a look at costs to find similarities in the nature of transactions done by you, we permit a time delay for every ahead address arrangement to obtain the btc.

The number of confirmations do you need to accept transactions?

The number of confirmations called for relies on the transaction volume:

  • Less than 25 BTC - 1 confirmation;
  • Less than 250 BTC - 3 confirmations;
  • Less than 1000 BTC - 4 confirmations;
  • More than 1000 BTC - 5 confirmations.

Suppose I unintentionally closed the browser window before obtaining confirmation of my transfer?

There is no requirement for worry. You do not have to stay at the page once the inbound address is provided. Transfers are immediately processed according the order lot over 1 day.

How much time is inbound address valid for?

Produced addresses are valid just for about 1 day. The information is entirely removed after the period. Future payments to the addresses are overlooked.

What logs do you keep?

Logs of any type of nature are not maintained. We do not keep any info that can be utilized to recognize the users either. All logs are wiped out on a routine basis to include in business effectiveness as well as safety and security of the users that rely upon us to maintain their privacy.

What is the maximum transaction size?

The maximum amount of cash that can be sent depends on the Bitcoin reserves within the service and also the total quantity of coins within the system. Due to our passions in safeguarding your privacy, we do not send coins that have been sent by you into our reserve. The system automatically trims out coins that you have actually sent out at the time of sending you the mixed coins back. We alert you concerning it throughout the order process if there is a restriction on number of coins you can send out.

Is there a minimum transaction size?

Because of the nature of our operations we do not fit transactions that are less than.001 BTC in size. We consider the smaller purchases to be contributions made to our system.

Can I trust you with large amounts of BTC?

The reality that we hold over 1850 BTC should stand testimony for skin we have in the game. Our gets are publicly verified on BitcoinTalk. We do not profit by running away with your coins yet by rather running much longer in the business. You have the selection of sending cash over a longer period of time in a number of deals rather if you really feel unconfident sending big quantity of coins. The code within the mixer guarantee your coins are never combined with your own coin and returned. This ensures transparency, privacy as well as safety

What is a BitcoinMixer code?

The first time you engage with our system and exchange coins, you are given a code. This code is then made use of to ensure your coins are not blended with any of the previous coins sent to our books during future transactions. This is an essential part of what permits us to ensure your personal privacy and safety.

What is a Letter of Guarantee?

At the time a Bitcoin address is provided to you for the sending of coins to be combined, we supply an electronically signed verification to validate that the offered address was created by our server. This helps you confirm the legitimacy of the transaction and be confident about the coins being sent to the right address. To take things better and also make sure user confidence this is authorized from our bitcoin account 14iVoXeVfBBw1BZyXvZcngRsTJZJFmubCo and can be made use of to confirm the digital indication from your own wallet. This indicator is the evidence of our customers and obligations are expected to save it prior to sending us coins. Given that your information is deleted from our web servers this is the only proof of us transacting with you and also helps future confirmations for assistance or related features.

How do I verify the Letter of Guarantee?

  1. Head over to your Bitcoin Wallet.
  2. Choose File
  3. Select Verify Message (or Tools ->Verify Message)
  4. Paste our address: 14iVoXeVfBBw1BZyXvZcngRsTJZJFmubCo, Letter of Guarantee as a message (copy the text inside of START/END section) and digital signature
  5. Click Verify

Why should I set custom fee?

This is performed in order to guarantee your privacy as well as safety. In the event that somebody recognizes your service charge, they will certainly be able to evaluate the openly offered ledger called Blockchain to see exactly how and also when your deals were made and figure out the destination account. For instance if 100 Btc is sent with a repaired fee of.5 percent +.00005 Btc an overall of 99.4995 Btc would be obtained on the other side. For someone trying to map your deals it will not be difficult to keep an eye on the fee and see what is going on. Even if multiple addresses are used we will certainly not have the ability to guarantee your security due to the similarity in the nature of your transactions.


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