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Protecting your coins since 2018

BitcoinMixer was developed from ground up with inputs from the Bitcoin community. We recognize our procedure works on trust fund and shield our reputation with the highest efforts. We create a "Letter of Warranty" for each transaction within the system. Our support prepares to be at your service night and day. We get on a mission to make transactions much safer as well as untraceable while contributing towards personal privacy over internet transactions.

Why should I blend my coins?

Warrant Canary

We verify that we take full control of our infrastructure. It has actually never ever been endangered or suffered a data violation. We have not divulged any kind of information of our individuals, as well as we have actually not been compelled to customize our system to allow gain access to or information leak to a 3rd party of any type of kind.

Since we mention the following:

  • We have actually NOT gotten any kind of National Security letters;
  • We have actually NOT obtained any gag orders;
  • We have NOT received any kind of warrants from any type of federal government company.

We are 100% devoted to our zero-logs policy-- we never log the tasks of our individuals to ensure their utmost personal privacy as well as protection.

Keep your funds untraceable with the trusted Bitcoin mixer

Because the dawn of the digital age, countless customers have made a switch to Blockchain that is declared to transform the method we spend for goods and perform purchases. No wonder it is a game-changing modern technology that makes a difference and also brings complete personal privacy. However what you could not know is that Blockchain documents all deals in its openly offered journal, implying that 3rd parties can trace them need to the requirement emerge. If it's not that degree of confidentiality you've anticipated, be sure to make the most of our coin mixer.

BitcoinMixer is a Bitcoin mixing solution (additionally known as a tumbler or blender) that is focused around the concept of making your electronic possessions hidden from the public eye permanently. As the name implies, it functions by mixing your coins with those in our cryptocurrency reserves to guarantee personal purchases without a trace. BitcoinMixer assists you make your BTCs unidentifiable as well as, thus, enables you to rest easy recognizing that neither crypto-hackers neither security firms can keep track of your financial tasks.

Why our Bitcoin tumbler stands out from the remainder

What forms the column of BitcoinMixer is that it has actually been created with the requirements of Bitcoin area participants in mind. It is your personal privacy as well as safety and security that underpin our blending service as well as motivate us to transform all decentralized possibilities to your advantage. That is why we've done our utmost to integrate the adhering to features into our Bitcoin mixer:

The highest level of security

Our servers use advanced file encryption techniques to ensure the stability of all data saved and minimize the danger of the Blockchain evaluation. What is even more, we give every user with an unique code to stop mixing their coins with the ones they have actually sent out to us in the past. In addition to that, we routinely delete all details of your deals, including inbound Bitcoin addresses.

Outstanding mixing capacities

Whether you're seeking to blend 0.001 BTC or several numerous coins, you won't locate an easier service than our Bitcoin stemless glass. BitcoinMixer has over 1850 BTC in its cryptocurrency reserves, which enables you to trade large amounts of BTC without waiting for various other customers to send their coins for mixing.

Reduced costs as well as the Letter of Guarantee

While other Bitcoin mixing services charge 1% and also more for every deal, BitcoinMixer helps you prevent overspending. Our costs begin only at 0.5% + 0.0005 BTC and can be personalized to make it difficult for third parties to detect the link between addresses.


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Fast payouts confirmation
Up to 48 hours of configurable delays
Up to 5 output addresses
Premium plan for old valuable clients *
Up to 48 hours of configurable delays
Up to 5 output addresses
* Plan is valid till Jan 31, 2019
​Fast payouts confirmation
Up to 96 hours of configurable delays
Up to 10 output addresses

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best bitcoin tumbler